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Streets / Jongsung Paul Choe

These images are from streets of New York City. I found a wider range of images from happiness to sadness, from loneliness to madness of people in the streets. My discovery of New York City will be concurrent with the discovery of people of New York City. As I photographed streets and people of New York City I could see invisible myself through them. And I noticed their hidden emotion. The city and people were strange to me.

After I photographed streets of New York City, the city was not strange and luxurious but ordinary and calm. Before long the 9/11 tragedy bewildered me. Before awful shock and sorrow vanished, I returned to daily life. When I began to photograph streets of the city again the memory of the tragedy revived. I was no longer able to photograph in New York City. I revisited the places where I had lived and visited in the past. And I started to photograph scenes of the places and my memories.

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