I was born on September 11, 1977. Since August 11, 1994 I have been living in the United States. In the early morning of September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center collapsed. I did not notice my birthday that year. The event made me think about my future.

I have lived in Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey and New York. I traveled across the United States twice. I want to trace the places where I have lived and visited. It is not just about the places, it is about my memories of life and time. I am a foreigner and feel that I belong neither here nor there. This has led me to live privately. The mixed cultures that I've experienced along with living 17 years in Korea and 9 years in the U.S. gives me clear and honest eyes with which to see places and people.

My photographs reflect this looking. Some of these color photographs were taken through the bus window. The transient nature of my life and thoughts are evident in the work. And I plan to travel and photograph all over the U.S. where I will search for my true soul as I photograph the people and places of my travels.


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